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Political SEO takes a hybrid skillset

It is not typical SEO, you need a specialist.

Most Americans Get Their News
From Online And Social Media

 Today's savy campaigns know that it takes more than a site to be effective
Social Media News
Social Media News

Some Sites Made This Year

A campaign needs more than a site, it needs a footprint.

I believe the best indicators for success are historical data, testimonials and if those completing the project actual use their own products.  I have all three.  I can offer prospective clients hard data, they can ask the opinion of existing or past clients and they can see through this site as well as my other sites I try to lead by example.

If you want to be visible in searches you need lots of unique content thats relevant and indexed into Google. Duplicate content won't help you.

Google "Matthew Leffler Louisville" or "Matthew Leffler SEO" Go to a 3rd party website grader and test my site at or for errors.  Follow this link to see results from website.grader

Politics + Data + SEO = Matthew Leffler 

I've built up campaign sites on data and delivered search results

I worked on a city wide campaign recently, I improved the site coverage and search position from 63rd to 3.6 when searching the candidates name on Google in under two months. Several other keywords were also associated with the site. I expanded the campaign's reach with additional targeted sites and social media accounts.  These focused niche sites created a more welcoming and engaging environment for voters. 

We had a highly targeted audience (one county’s primary voters who had a history of voting) On a weekend day before 5pm 14,000 times the candidates name was displayed to the specific people we wanted. Our campaign videos were viewed at a rate of 28% meaning 1,210 videos were watched over half way. Can you give your candidate's message 2 minutes with 1,200 people in an afternoon without making the voter come to you?  

Organic SEO And Google's Adwords

My method targets the individual and follows them where they go reacting to the day, their routine.  We can serve conservative ads to people at church or sporty ads when they go to a basketball game.

We can determine who supports our position based on their browsing history and market ads to them anywhere they go using Adwords. 

By using Organic SEO strategies on your sites we can climb in search rankings and we actually have compelling content for our audience.  Adwords also allows us to directly advertise a candidate to a users Gmail account.  

IP Based Marketing Isn't On The Move

It was all the rage of the 2000s!  IP based ads target the home's IP address.  What if your audience aren't home?  Your phone doesn't have the same IP address everywhere.  You don't know who is actually getting the ad ... is it your son's friend visiting?  The message also can't react to their behaviors.

Even if you knew whp was getting the ad at home, IP addresses are not set in stone, Your IP address can change at home at anytime. This is called a DHCP connection where IP addresses are passed out at random to whoever needs one.  After a time period the IP address gets assigned to someone else thourgh the DHCP server.

 Serving ads to an ip address that has been assigned to someone else is a waste.  If people click on your ad where can you send them without an optimized SEO mindful site anyhow?

Radio, TV and Print Ads

Who still reads the ads that get delivered in the mail?  Why do campaigns spend thousands on direct mail when they could have used that on a targeted online campaign?

DVRs allow us to skip the commercials on TV.
Even waiting rooms a streaming music.  Why spend money on a bluetooth speaker to this listen to analog radio signals that lack user choice.  More money is now spent streaming music than in radio.

If It Isn't Mobile, what is it? 

Think about how often you quickly search for information on your home desktop vs. your phone or tablet.  

70% of smartphone users who bought something in a store first turned to their phone for information about a purchase (Google, 2017)  While you may be thinking you aren't selling something you'd be mistaken.
Mobile has over taken desktop connections.  You sites need to be mobile ready just like your candidate digital marketing.

Matthew Leffler
Matthew Leffler,

Don't leave digital marketing up to someone who doesn't have technology experience. You wouldn't leave marketing to your IT guy, so why not look for a new breed of digital marketers.  

Google Data Studio and Google Fusion Sheets

Pulling all of the data in from multiple sources we can use priemer tools provided by Google 
to visualize our voters and the issues important to them.
Web Traffic

Web Traffic Data

Data Map

Voter Data

Crime Graph

Integrated Data


Knowing Your Audience

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I've only been on since January but I'm already rated among the top.

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